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My Top 3 Internet Resources for Artists

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BTSIt is back to school season! Many are going back to school and even if you are not, it is not a bad thing to go back to learning. Learn something new or brush up on your current skills. So in the spirit of continually growing and learning I decided to list my top 3 internet resources for Artists. There are a lot of great resources now on the internet but here are my top 3 and why I continually go back.

1. Schoolism – There are some great courses from people currently working in the industry and you can get 1-1 feedback from them on your course assignments. If you are on a limited budget they do offer a spring sale and some classes are available as self-taught at a lower rate. Check out some of their free resources like interviews with leading artists and my favorite Bobby Chiu’s Livestream on Thursdays. The Chiu stream is a weekly dose of motivation, inspiration, and tips for being an artist today. I highly suggest tuning in each week.

2. The Gnomon Workshop – Again here are a wealth of dvds to purchase, and keep a look out for those online master classes they offer once a year. If your on a limited budget they do offer year subscription and they hold free contests each month where the 1st-4th place prizes get you tons of free dvds from their library. A few years back I entered this contest every month for a year and I learned so much! And I came out with some great pieces of art for my portfolio. There are two contests a 2D and a 3D contest each with a new theme each month. I enter about 8 times before I ever placed, but just the practice of doing a new piece helped me get better and better. If you are a beginning artist and need practice and portfolio pieces I suggest committing to this contest monthly.

3. FZD School of Design Youtube Channel – Feng Zhu has a free YouTube channel that offers great tutorials and incites. I have been a fan of Feng Zhu’s teaching style for years and even have a few of his dvds from the Gnomon Workshop. No matter what the subject, I tend to watch all his videos because he is just a great artist and teacher. I can always find good design lessons that can be applied to any subject matter.

These 3 internet resources are great places to start with to learn something new, brush up on your skills, and/or just to get some new inspiration and motivation.

Happy Back to School Learning Season!